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Measuring Sequence and Trigger


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I have been trying to measure sequence at 100 Hz for 10 sec via an external trigger but the dialogue box doesn't have that option anymore. I am unable to add multiple triggers.

Usually "User Defined template" can be configured for the measuring sequence but I do not see that. There is only one option "Element 1" in the Name. I don't see any time or trigger values.

And the lights are disabled (I cannot turn it on manually or automatically). But the lights do turn on/ off via web interface.


Thank you.



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Solved the problem.

The IP address on the software and the web interface was different than assigned.

Edit>Application Settings>Preferences>Hardware>Hardware expert settings>Sensor controller IP address*.


IP of the GOM controller was assigned to (in the web interface). Received the ping reply done from cmd.

But the Sensor controller IP address* was (AMARIS Professional).

Changing IP address in the web interface somehow didn't change in the software settings.

Changed the IP address in Amaris Professional, and it worked.

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