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Best Fit of two sets of points


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Dear Gom Experts.

I am looking for method to do best fit of two sets of points. I have nominal points and actual points. For demonstration i reduced number of points to 4, but finally i would like to use set of 30-100 points.

In short - how can i do best fit of two sets of points if i dont use a mesh?

Number of actual and nominal points are equal.

Last picture shows - when i tried to do local best fit of actual points, it is not possible to do it. Shall i use some specific measuring principle ? 


picture 1 - there are actual & nominal points, in project



picture 2 - after best fit , i would like to have these points aligned as much as possible, 


picture 3 - picture shows local best fit window doesnt want to continue, (actual points are selected)



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are your discrete points already linked for each nominal point to each actual point? If the answer is Yes, you can introduce these points into a RPS alignment. Of course, you can also establish this link for each point, but this a lot of manual work (or you are able to script this, which makes much more sense).

There is also a way to align two discrete reference point clouds to each other (Bestfit by Reference points), but then you have to import your data as actual and nominal reference point cloud in our software.


Bernd Alpers

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Thanks Bernd.

I am mainly using scripts so i can create nominal points, establish links to actual points and finally create RPS alignment. I tested it on my small sample and it looks it works. Thanks.

To administrator - it looks i created this question in incorrect discussion, so it can be moved to more appropriate place.

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