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setup fails


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I have a problem with aramis2019 and the setup procedure.

Everything looks fine when doing "help->system analysis->sensor" but when trying to setup the system with cameras

i get the internal error code 1293 which says that the camera firmware must update. I follow the instructions to do this update

and it ends with "restart the sensors". And then i'm back to the error 1293 again and aramis2019 without cameras.

When doing the same update procedure in a shell the script says:

"start update procedure
found 0 Baumer Cameras
update successful".

We are also using the aramis 6.3.1 on the same computer where the cameras work perfectly.

The setup is the aramis 5m and the "sensor controller" with 2 "baumer txg50i" cameras over gigabit net.

using the program form aramis 2019 "cbloxcheck.exe" gives this:

graphical driver "cvb driver version from STEMMER IMAGING"

camera firmware version: P11037457/C0803/I21-00-01/M2106/B2109


Is there anybody that have some clue on what to do next?


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