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Automation of Tensile Test Evaluation


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Hello all,


We are working to develop a script that will allow us to automatically run 24 tests in a row.  Currently, our script opens up a dialog box, which allows user to choose a folder containing video files and a folder containing load files.  From there, the script automatically creates a GOM project, creates a scale, defines a surface component, and runs the tensile prep and tensile evaluation script.  The issue that we are running into is the tensile evaluation script from GOM, "tt_evaluation" opens up a dialog box that users must interact with on each test.  We would like to remove this dialog box and insert the same values for each test.  We have tried hard coding the necessary values into the script to avoid the dialog box.  Unfortunately, the dialog box is being called in too many places within the script to just delete it all together.  If get some help solving this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time, feel free to ask any necessary questions.


Braden McLain

Missouri University of Science and Technology

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