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18 MP camera accuracy


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I have a question regarding the camera that we have available.
We have a 18 MP camera and we are interested in measuring crack widths of 0.05 mm.

Is the following reasoning correct?
o             5184 * 3456 ≈ 18.0 MP

o             Measure crack width of 0.05 mm

o             Width camera image : 5184 * 0.05 = 259.2 mm

o             Height camera image: 3456 * 0.05 = 172.8 mm


Is a 18 MP camera of good quality for measurements from 0.05 mm accuracy?


Looking forward to your reply!

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Sounds like you're talking about measuring system  displacement resolution or accuracy. The 3D fixed base sensors are accurate to 1/100th of a pixel in plane and 1/30th of a pixel out of plane.  Using the more conservative 1/30th value,  the equation to use is:

FOV [length] / Camera Resolution [px] * 0.033[px] = displacement resolution [length]


You can also substitute the calibration deviation for the 0.033 px to get your actual system's accuracy

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