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18 MP camera accuracy


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I have a question regarding the camera that we have available.
We have a 18 MP camera and we are interested in measuring crack widths of 0.05 mm.

Is the following reasoning correct?
o             5184 * 3456 ≈ 18.0 MP

o             Measure crack width of 0.05 mm

o             Width camera image : 5184 * 0.05 = 259.2 mm

o             Height camera image: 3456 * 0.05 = 172.8 mm


Is a 18 MP camera of good quality for measurements from 0.05 mm accuracy?


Looking forward to your reply!

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Dear Iris,


There are important points of the equation missing. The spatial resolution depends on many factors - not only the amount of megapixels of the camera.

Which lens do you use? -> the focal length is important

What's the distance from the camera to the part?

If you use GOM systems, then you have got different measuring volumes (MV) to solve this equation. In particular one MV is linked to a specific distance to the part and focal length.


Best regards,


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