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Need Help: Evaluation of fracture surfaces


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My object of investigation is a plate with 48 pins, all bent at different heights. The following figure shows a section of the plate of the grey scan data and the CAD superimposed on it. 



I would like to evaluate the breaking point of these pins. I have determined the fracture height with a nominal-actual comparison on CAD and deviation flags. Now I want to evaluate the shape of the fracture surface. 
The following figure shows the fracture surfaces with sections. 



Is there a way to output the shape (inclination) of the fracture surface (no image data!)? It is not just about this one component. I will load many scans of different components into the project and the fracture surfaces will be at different heights each time. 








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I'am not able to give you a solution which works always reliable or will fit exactly your need, but I give you some hints and tips how you could deal with this challenge. 

I have constructed a nominal point on one pin and then I applied the measuring principle 'Touch disc'. Due to the fact that the normal of my nominal point was not exactly parallel to the shifted direction of my actual pin, I edited the touch direction of my actual disc. The result is usually the 'highest' point of your actual pin. May be you have to construct from this point a symmetry which is located in the middle of your surface. This depends really on the shape which you have to expect.

Nevertheless, let's assume you have constructed a point on the center of your pin on the actual data: Then I applied 'Select by cube' with this point and appropriate dimensions on the actual data. I used this point selection as an input for a 'Fitting plane'. Now I would be able to construct an angle between this actual plane and nominal direction. This angle could be checked.

Last but not least I select my starting nominal point and derived a 'User defined inspection principle' which could be applied to other nominal points on different pins.

Hope that these hints gives you the right direction to target your problem?!




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