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Best-Fit cylinder


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as a new user of this forum I thank the community for beeing here ? 
I think that gom inspect could be a good part to simplify my workflow.
What I did last week was not as efficient as I wished:
1) scanning with Einscan 2X pro plus
2) importing stl-file to SolidEdge
3) generating some primitive items as 1 cone, 4 cylinders and 2 planes in SE
4) modeling the entire part in Inventor from sketch 
You see I am not an enthusiastic user of SE ?
Later I remembered to have this powerful GOM on my computer and saw that I can
get my cylinders and so on with very few mouse clicks and export them to Inventor. 
but it failed / I failed getting a best fit cylinder of the huger sides of this rubber part.
It could have been so easy - or could it not? Do I need a full version of GOM?
Thank you for your interest and a nice monday evening

P. S.: Hopefully I succeed in uploading some screenshots :-))
P. P. S.: Sorry for the divers. They will be eliminated very soon


2021 _01_26  14-15-35 02.jpg

2021 _01_26  14-14-26 01.jpg

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Hello Thomas,

I assume you want to fit the cylinder from points in the marked area? While in the creation dialog for the cylinder you can select additional areas on the part with the tools on the bottom of the 3D view. You could also select the area beforehand and then open the dialog for fitting cylinder. If you create a fitting element and click on the data, the software will select geometry based (like in Edit -> Selection in 3D -> geometry based)- in this case it will select points which define a cylinder. But you can always dictate which points are used. Maybe the parameters under "Nebenbedingungen" (restrictions) will help you. There you can define a direction or axis of the cylinder which may make it easier to handle after export but it has an impact on the element of course. With the professional version you can edit the selection of an existing element, without it you have to do it from scratch. 

Hope this helps,



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