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Images/Stages are not in chronological order


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I have experienced a problem with 5 of in total 50 experiments. While logging data in Aramis, I afterwards see that images / stages are not logged in chronological order and there is no/wrong time logged together with the stages. This makes my analysis with GOM very difficult if not to say impossible.

Images are logged with a frequency of 1 Hz put as can be seen in the picture below, they are not stored like that. The Stage name should be in chronological order, but is not, and the stage number and index number should be same, but are not. 

Is there a possibility to sort out this problem ? possibly have the timeline depended on stage name instead of time / index ? or export the images and sort them in a order that will make sense ?

I have tried the following without luck.


View -> timeline -> name (doesn't work) (time is not possible to choose, is grayed out)


file -> export -> all active stages as image series

file -> import -> 3D image Series

This "works" but I can't see a possibility to put the images in chronological order in a smart way other then manually changing the name of the files, and that will take like forever


file -> export -> pretty much all other choices

file -> import -> other choices (they do not work.)


Is there any other smart way to make up such a mess ?




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