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script Select through surface


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Hello everybody, 

I'm trying to build a script for 2D traitement on lot of data. My problem is regarding the select_through_surface fonction when I want to have a virtual strain gage. Sometimes, the selection is not accurate and give bad result although I'm sure of the value indicated. When I change the coordinate of some points it can work again. As I want to do lot of data, I don't want to check every project.

Does anyone have encountered this problem? Is there any tip to avoid that ?

gom.script.selection3d.select_through_surface (
    coordinates=[gom.Vec3d (-taille_jauge_axiale[1]/2, taille_jauge_axiale[0]/2, 0), gom.Vec3d (taille_jauge_axiale[1]/2, taille_jauge_axiale[0]/2, 0), gom.Vec3d (taille_jauge_axiale[1]/2, -taille_jauge_axiale[0]/2, 0), gom.Vec3d (-taille_jauge_axiale[1]/2, -taille_jauge_axiale[0]/2, 0)], 
    view_direction=gom.Vec3d (0.0, 0.0, 1.0), 
    view_origin=gom.Vec3d (0.0, 0.0, 0))





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it seems the problem wasn't in the "selection through surface" but in the arithmetical mean. 

The trick (given by Tom Guilloux) is to use "deformation create surface component region" and then it works wonderfully.


    gom.script.selection3d.select_through_surface (
        coordinates=[gom.Vec3d (-a, b, 0), gom.Vec3d (a, b, 0), gom.Vec3d (a, -b, 0), gom.Vec3d (-a, -b, 0)], 
        view_direction=gom.Vec3d (5.393091386e-15, 1.198464799e-15, 1.0), 
        view_origin=gom.Vec3d (-0.2397382408, 8.746335497e-14, 74.99372864))
    MCAD_ELEMENT=gom.script.deformation.create_surface_component_region (
        name='Zone jauge virtuelle axiale', 
        properties=gom.Binary ('ie9aN1dPfT7Qto0PM/RIgKpgFeIQ=='))
    MCAD_ELEMENT=gom.script.inspection.inspect_dimension (
        elements=[gom.app.project.actual_elements['Zone jauge virtuelle axiale']], 
        properties=gom.Binary ('eAHtmm2MnFwA0w+sWAYmP'), 



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