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Dimension id in XML export


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For an external database we are using the dimension id as a identification code to link the dimensions over multiple parts measurements for trend analysis. Because of template revisions the dimension itself can be changed with a new measurement principle and this can cause the id to change which also breaks the link for trend analysis. TherefoI was wondering how this 'id' is set in GOM and if there is any way of manually updating this in a template.

Thank you for your answer.

Kind regards,


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <dimension id="553915888" name="516_F410b_L_F.abs">
        <user_4 abbreviation="abs">-1.400000</user_4>
        <dimension abbreviation="abs" checked="1" name="516_F410b_L_F.abs" unit_name="length">
          <tolerance lower_limit="-0.500000" upper_limit="0.500000"></tolerance>
          <nominal_scalar value="-1.400000"></nominal_scalar>
          <deviation value="0.413931"></deviation>
          <measured value="-0.986069"></measured>

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the id is just used to identify references inside of the gom xml format. It cannot be used to keep track of an element, because, as you noticed, the id can change and is not deterministic.


Daniel Schrein

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