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GOM Inspect - After adding point cloud to new part all points are deleted


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I watched an issue with moving point clouds into a new part. Easiely to reproduce :

  1. New Project
  2. Drag an Ascii File with points into the project (target: clipboard)
  3. Save project
  4. Drag the point cloud into from clipboard a new part
  5. Name the Part "Part"
  6. Save the project

After Step 3 the point cloud contains all points (after reloading the project).

After Step 6 the point cloud contains "0" points (after reloading the project).

Perhaps I am missing something but this looks suspicious...


Best regards



Screenshot - 25.01.2022 , 11_39_26.png

Screenshot - 25.01.2022 , 11_40_02.png

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Hello Mr.Hojnacki,

I repeated the meantioned steps. In 2021 HF4 everything works as expected.

If you want you can contact support@gom.com then we can try to reproduce this behaviour with your data set and fix this if this is still appearing in current software version.

Best regards,

Jens Braun

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I think I have found the cause for this bug. My project file lies in a folder containing the german character "Ü". If I remove all "special" characters from the folder path, it works as expected. I reproduced this behaviour with GOM Inspect 2019 (Free). I am working under Windows 11.

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