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GOM ATOS 5 Scanner Default Focus & Aperture Factory Value.


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Hello All ,

Hope you guys are doing well and good.

Can anyone suggest here , what is the default value of Lenses for focus and aperture for the following value of MV sets for GOM ATOS 5

  • MV 170
  • MV 320 &
  • MV 700

I am asking about factory values with which GOM ships this different lenses  ? ( With default aperture value and focus value)

While installing some lenses, one of our operator rotated the aperture adjustment ring on the lenses .?

Kindly anyone suggest if you have any idea or knowledge about it. 

Thanks in advance 


Lenses Clamping Screw Adjustment.JPG

Sensor Configuration ATOS 5.JPG

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Hello Mr. Khan,

there is no such value as each lens is indiviual. The aperture of most lens range around F11, but as the focus has to be set precisely a new lens setup must be executed everytime the parameters of a lens changes. There is no workaround and no value you could switch the lens to manually without a new complete sensor setup.

Best regards,

Jens Braun


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