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Steel Scans


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I am new to scanning and have a GOM 225KV unit.  I am having difficulty scanning steel parts of all sizes and shapes.  I am using the automatic parameter settings generally and once the scan is complete, I polyganize and am left with a mesh riddled with holes and floating particles around the mesh.  Any guidance is appreciated.

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Hello Tyler,

scanning metal is always difficult. Denser ones like steel in particular. 

There are however a few tweaks you can do.

  • At first you should use a dense pre-filter so only high energetic radiation penetrates your work peace. Keep in mind that using a dense pre-filter requires longer scan time.
  • You should use longer exposure time and select stepwise as acquisition mode. You can also take 2 or more pictures at every rotation position.
  • Scan with beam hardening correction. 
  • Turn up your radiation to 225 kV.
  • When the scan is complete you can filter your volume. This will help against the floating particles around the mesh. You will find this function under OPERATIONS --> Volume --> Filter Volume. 
  • When it comes to polygonising your volume to a mesh, you can shift the material slider a little bit to the left. This should fill up holes in the mesh. Just keep in mind that sliding it to far will lead to mesh particles that are not there in reality.

If you don`t have success or further questions. Please contact our support.

Kind Regards



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