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Sensor configuration wrong under test + reference markers


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I have just been notified that the wrong sensor configuration was used under a biomechanical test I did 3 months ago. The biomechanical test was a fracture study, where reference points were fixated on both sides of the fracture. The point-point distance was then constructed.  

The sensor was wrongly set up for 75mm lenses and the lenses that I used under the test were 24 mm.  

Does this have a significant effect on my results? Did anyone have the same problem before? The computed distances look reasonably, when analyzed with gom correlate professional. 

 I attached the error message that I got after opening the Aramis professional after a few months. 


Best regards, 



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HI Huda,

that error is based on your current attempt to initialize your sensor and gives no information about your project.

Please go into the project, open the properties, select your measurement and check the information. This will give you more info than the error.

If you had those problems like you assume than the software wouldn't calculate anything. 

Greetings, Ivan


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