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Symmetry specification referencing a datum axis instead of a datum plane


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Good afternoon,

I work with GOM Inspect on a daily basis, and I must say that I am very happy. The software is extremely well thought out.

However, there remains always something to be desired!

When attempting to use an axis as a datum for a GD&T symmetry specification, the system responds as follows:


However, ISO 1101, clause 17.15.1,  only requires a "datum that locks a non-redundant translation of the tolerance zone".

It does not mention the locking of rotations.

Any axis locks 2 out of 3 non-redundant translations, so that should do. 

Are there any plans to support axes as a datum?

Best regards,





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an improved symmetry evaluation is one of the GD&T improvements that is coming with the upcoming major release of the GOM Software. This includes symmetry inspection to a datum line as well as other improvements to support the "symmetry" section inside the ISO 1101 in a much better way. 


Best regards

Christoph Schult

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