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Retorno de amplitude


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Tenho uma determinada peça que possui 6 pontos de inspeção, preciso fazer imprimir na tela uma caixa com a amplitude destes pontos.

Fiz o script encontrando o máximo e mínimo dos pontos e fiz a diferença dos dois que é a amplitude, só não consigo fazer imprimir na tela o resultado da amplitude.

Alguém pode me ajudar?

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Sorry, I don't speak (write) Portuguese, so I hope it is okay to answer in English.

I would do such an application without scripting but with functionality provided by the software out of the box, which will provide you all evaluation (labels, diagrams, tables, ...) and automatic update due to the dependency graph.

  • Select all the inspection points in explorer
  • Construct -> Point Cloud -> Point Cloud From Geometry Points... -> Add Selected Elements -> Create And Close
  • Right Mouse Button on Part/Actual Elements/Point Clouds (Scanner)/your new point cloud in explorer -> Select All Points Of Element
  • Construct -> Distance -> Outer Disc Caliper... -> Radius: 1000 (dependent on your max. point cloud size) / Point 1: Edit Point; X: -1000 (dependent on your max. point cloud size), Y: 0, Z: 0, OK / Point 2: Edit Point; X: 1000, Y: 0, Z: 0, OK / Compute direction automatically: Off / Direction: X+ -> Create
  • Repeat the last two step for Y- and Z-direction, too.
  • Check all these calipers for Distance

So you will end up with something like this:

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boa tarde!


acho que não expliquei direito:


olha os pontos que eu disse:

preciso do maior valor e menor valor da normal destes pontos.

preciso colocar o valor na etiqueta amplitude.






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Good Morning! please. Can anyone help me with the topic above? I need to print on the screen the result of the amplitude of the points in question. I can't get this value. what code can i use? I thank you for your attention.

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Hello Leandro,

please write your posts in English (or German 🙂 ), so it is easier for the community to understand.

To get the maximum value of these points, select them all, then go to inspection -> create element group in the menu. This will create a new element, which can directly be checked for min./max. etc:





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Hello Nanno !

thank you my friend !!

exactly what I needed, I made a script but it doesn't need the program already does everything


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