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How to rename element in clipboard


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Hello GOM team,

I have to copy a stage, put it in cliipboard and then rename it with the original stage name. In the image example I have to rename the element in clipboard as "12016229_220324_Figura_1". I have written the code to copy all stages, but I have to implemate it with the renaming part.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gom

gom.script.manage_alignment.set_alignment_active (cad_alignment=gom.app.project.alignments[1])

gom.script.sys.recalculate_project (with_reports=False)

for g in gom.app.project.stages:
	gom.script.sys.copy_to_clipboard (elements=gom.ElementSelection ({'category': ['key', 'elements', 'part', gom.app.project.parts[0], 'explorer_category', 'actual_part']}))
	gom.script.sys.paste_from_clipboard (destination=gom.ElementSelection ({'category': ['key', 'elements', 'part', gom.app.project.parts[0], 'explorer_category', 'actual_part']}))

Thank you very much.



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I found the solution:

gom.script.sys.edit_properties (

and then copy and past in clipboard.

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